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From 1943 to 2002, the International Economics Section (formerly the International Finance Section) published short monographs and policy essays in three series: Essays in International Economics (previously Essays in International Finance), Princeton Studies in International Economics (previously Princeton Studies in International Finance), and Special Papers in International Economics.A complete listing of these publications is provided below and all monographs are available for free download subject to these copyright provisions. If necesary, copyright permissions should be requested from the copyright clearance center.

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Special Papers in International Economics
Reprints in International Finance


226. Graham Bird and Ramkishen S. Rajan The Evolving Asian Financial Architecture Feb. 2002
225. T.N. Srinivasan Trade, Development, and Growth Dec. 2001
224. Felipe Larrain B. and Andrés Velasco Exchange-Rate Policy in Emerging-Market Economies: The Case for Floating Dec. 2001
223. Yung Chul Park The East Asian Dilemma: Restructuring Out or Growing Out? Aug. 2001
222. Akihiro Kanaya and David Woo The Japanese Banking Crisis of the 1990s: Sources and Lessons June 2001</nobr<
221. Benjamin J. Cohen Life at the Top: International Currencies in the Twenty-First Century Dec. 2000
220. Stanley Fischer On the Need for an International Lender of Last Resort Nov. 2000
219. Richard H. Clarida G-3 Exchange-Rate Relationships: A Review of the Record and of Proposals for Change Sep. 2000
218. Thomas D. Willett International Financial Markets as Sources of Crises or Discipline: The Too Much Too Late Hypothesis May 2000
217. Gustavo H.B. Franco The Real Plan and the Exchange Rate Apr. 2000
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1980s       Studies

216. Jacques J. Polak Streamlining the Financial Structure of the International Monetary Fund Sep. 1999
215. Jeffrey A. Frankel No Single Currency Regime Is Right for All Countries or at All Times Aug. 1999
214. Curzio Giannini ìEnemy of None but a Common Friend of Allî? An International Perspective on the Lender-of-Last-Resort Function June 1999
213. Barry Eichengreen, Paul Masson, Miguel Savastano,
and Sunil Sharma
Transition Strategies and Nominal Anchors on the Road to Greater Exchange-Rate Flexibility Apr. 1999
212. Ariel Buira An Alternative Approach to Financial Crises Feb. 1999
211. John Williamson and Molly Mahar A Survey of Financial Liberalization  Nov. 1998
210. Wilfred J. Ethier The International Commercial System Sep. 1998
209. Maurice Obstfeld EMU: Ready or Not? July 1998
208. Charles P. Kindleberger Economic and Financial Crises and Transformations in Sixteenth-Century Europe June 1998
207. Stanley Fischer, Richard Cooper,  et al. Should the IMF Pursue Capital-Account Convertibility? May 1998
206. Thomas Laubach and Adam S. Posen Disciplined Discretion: Monetary Targeting in Germany and Switzerland  Dec. 1997
205. Robert N. McCauley The Euro and the Dollar Nov. 1997
204. Benjamin J. Cohen The Financial Support Fund of the OECD: A Failed Initiative June 1997
203. Andrew Crockett The Theory and Practice of Financial Stability Apr. 1997
202. Harold James Monetary and Fiscal Unification in Nineteenth-Century Germany: What Can Kohl Learn from Bismarck? Mar. 1997
201. Louis W. Pauly The League of Nations and the Foreshadowing of the International Monetary Fund Dec. 1996
200. Peter B. Kenen, ed. From Halifax to Lyons: What Has Been Done about Crisis Management? Oct. 1996
199. Peter B. Kenen, ed. Making EMU Happen, Problems and Proposals: A Symposium Aug. 1996
198. Barry Eichengreen A More Perfect Union? The Logic of Economic Integration June 1996
197. Patrick Conway Currency Proliferation: The Monetary Legacy of the Soviet Union June 1995
196. Shinji Takagi From Recipient to Donor: Japan’s Official Aid Flows, 1945 to 1990 and Beyond Mar. 1995
195. Ariel Buira Reflections on the International Monetary System Jan. 1995
194. Lorenzo Bini-Smaghi, Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa,
and Francesco Papadia
The Transition to EMU in the Maastricht Treaty Nov. 1994
193. Graham Bird Economic Assistance to Low-Income Countries: Should the Link Be Resurrected? July 1994
192. Raymond F. Mikesell The Bretton Woods Debates: A Memoir Mar. 1994
191. Peter M. Garber and Michael G. Spencer The Dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire: Lessons for Currency Reform Feb. 1994
190. Paul Krugman What Do We Need to Know about the International Monetary System? July 1993
189. Beatriz Armendariz de Aghion and John Williamson The G-7’s Joint-and-Several Blunder Apr. 1993
188. Pierre-Richard Agénor Parallel Currency Markets in Developing Countries: Theory, Evidence, and Policy Implications Nov. 1992
187. Michele Fratianni, Jürgen von Hagen, and
Christopher Waller
The Maastricht Way to EMU June 1992
186. Alessandro Giustiniani, Francesco Papadia, and
Daniela Porciani
Growth and Catch-Up in Central and Eastern Europe: Macroeconomic Effects on Western Countries Apr. 1992
185. Ethan B. Kapstein Supervising International Banks: Origins and Implications of the Basle Accord Dec. 1991
184. Jacques J. Polak The Changing Nature of IMF Conditionality. Sep. 1991
183. Michael Bruno High Inflation and the Nominal Anchors of an Open Economy June 1991
182. Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, ed. Europe After 1992: Three Essays May 1991
181. George S. Tavlas On the International Use of Currencies: The Case of the Deutsche Mark Mar. 1991
180. Warren L. Coats, Jr., Reinhard W. Furstenberg,
and Peter Isard
The SDR System and the Issue of Resource Transfers Dec. 1990
179. Michael L. Mussa Exchange Rates in Theory and in Reality Dec. 1990
178. Alberto Giovannini The Transition to European Monetary Union Nov. 1990
177. Ronald Findlay The Triangular Trade and the Atlantic Economy of the Eighteenth Century: A Simple General- Equilibrium Model Mar. 1990
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1970s       Studies

176. Graham Bird Loan-loss Provisions and Third- World Debt Nov. 1989
175. C. David Finch The IMF: The Record and the Prospect Sep. 1989
174. Jeffrey D. Sachs New Approaches to the Latin American Debt Crisis July 1989
173. Benjamin J. Cohen Developing-Country Debt: A Middle Way May 1989
172. Jack M. Guttentag and Richard Herring Accounting for Losses On Sovereign Debt: Implications for New Lending May 1989
171. James M. Boughton The Monetary Approach to Exchange Rates: What Now Remains? Oct. 1988
170. Shafiqul Islam The Dollar and the Policy-Performance-Confidence Mix July 1988
169. *Paul A. Volcker et al. International Monetary Cooperation: Essays in Honor of Henry C. Wallich Dec. 1987
168. Paul Mosley Conditionality as Bargaining Process: Structural-Adjustment Lending, 1980-86 Oct. 1987
167. Rainer Stefano Masera An Increasing Role for the ECU: A Character in Search of a Script June 1987
166. John Spraos IMF Conditionality: Ineffectual, Inefficient, Mistargeted Dec. 1986
165. Rudiger Dornbusch Inflation, Exchange Rates, and Stabilization Oct. 1986
164. Jack M. Guttentag and Richard J. Herring Disaster Myopia in International Banking Sep. 1986
163. Arminio Fraga German Reparations and Brazilian Debt: A Comparative Study July 1986
162. Stephen E. Haynes, Michael M. Hutchison, and
Raymond F. Mikesell
Japanese Financial Policies and the U.S. Trade Deficit Apr. 1986
161. Alexis Rieffel The Role of the Paris Club in Managing Debt Problems Dec. 1985
160. Stanley W. Black Learning from Adversity: Policy Responses to Two Oil Shocks Dec. 1985
159. Jeffrey A. Frankel Six Possible Meanings of Overvaluation: The 1981-85 Dollar Dec. 1985
158. Charles E. Dumas The Effects of Government Deficits: A Comparative Analysis of Crowding Out Oct. 1985
157. Wilfred J. Ethier and Richard C. Marston, eds. International Financial Markets and Capital Movements: A Symposium in Honor of Arthur I. Bloomfield Sep. 1985
156. Sebastian Edwards The Order of Liberalization of the External Sector in Developing Countries Dec. 1984
155. Stephen Marris Managing the World Economy: Will We Ever Learn? Oct. 1984
154. Robert M. Dunn, Jr. The Many Disappointments of Flexible Exchange Rates Dec. 1983
153. Rachel McCulloch Unexpected Real Consequences of Floating Exchange Rates Aug. 1983
152. G. K. Helleiner The IMF and Africa in the 1980s July 1983
151. Jack Guttentag and Richard Herring The Lender-of-Last-Resort Function in an International Context May 1983
150. Robert E. Baldwin The Inefficacy of Trade Policy Dec. 1982
149. C. Fred Bergsten et al. From Rambouillet to Versailles: A Symposium Dec. 1982
148. Alan A. Rabin and Leland B. Yeager Monetary Approaches to the Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates Nov. 1982
147. Edmar Lisboa Bacha and Carlos F. Diaz Alejandro International Financial Intermediation: A Long and Tropical View May 1982
146. *Bahram Nowzad The IMF and Its Critics Dec. 1981
145. *Ronald I. McKinnon and Donald J. Mathieson How to Manage a Repressed Economy Dec. 1981
144. *Sidney Dell On Being Grandmotherly: The Evolution of MF Conditionality Oct. 1981
143. *Marina von Neumann Whitman International Trade and Investment: Two Perspectives July 1981
142. *Benjamin J. Cohen The European Monetary System: An Outsider’s View June 1981
141. *Bela Balassa The Process of Industrial Development and Alternative Development Strategies Dec. 1980
140. *Pieter Korteweg Exchange- Rate Policy, Monetary Policy, and Real Exchange-Rate Variability Dec. 1980
139. *Deepak Lal A Liberal International Economic Order: The International Monetary System and Economic Development Oct. 1980
138. *Tom de Vries On the Meaning and Future of the European Monetary System Sep. 1980
   Top of Essays
1960s       Studies

137. *Robert M. Dunn, Jr. Exchange Rates, Payments Adjustments, and OPEC: Why Oil Deficits Persist. Dec. 1979
136. *Niels Thygesen Exchange-Rate Experiences and Policies of Small Countries: Some European Examples of the 1970s. Dec. 1979
135. *Frank A. Southard, Jr. The Evolution of the International Monetary Fund. Dec. 1979
134. *Bertil Ohlin Some Insufficiencies in the Theories of International Economic Relations. Sep. 1979
133. *Herbert G. Grubel A Proposal for the Establishment of an International Deposit Insurance Corporation. July 1979
132. *Robert Triffin Gold and the Dollar Crisis: Yesterday and Tomorrow. Dec. 1978
131. *H. Robert Heller and Malcolm Knight Reserve-Currency Preferences of Central Banks. Dec. 1978
130. *Franco Modigliani and Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa The Management of an Open Economy with 100% Plus Wage Indexation. Dec. 1978
129. *Charles P. Kindleberger Government and International Trade. July 1978
128. *K. Alec Chrystal International Money and the Future of the SDR. June 1978
127. *Jacques R. Artus and Andrew D. Crockett Floating Exchange Rates and the Need for Surveillance. May 1978
126. *Paula A. Tosini Leaning Against the Wind: A Standard for Managed Floating. Dec. 1977
125. *Ronald I. McKinnon The Eurocurrency Market. Dec. 1977
124. *Harry G. Johnson, Money Balance-of-Payments Theory, and the International Monetary Problem. Nov. 1977
123. *Robert M. Stern et al. The Presentation of the U.S. Balance of Payments: A Symposium. Aug. 1977
122. *Otmar Emminger The D-Mark in the Conflict between Internal and External Equilibrium, 1948-75. June 1977
121. *Marina von Neumann Whitman Sustaining the International Economic System: Issues for U.S. Policy. June 1977
120. *George N. Halm Jamaica and the Par-Value System. Mar. 1977
119. *Stanley W. Black Exchange Policies for Less Developed Countries in a World of Floating Rates. Dec. 1976
118. *Alexandre Kafka The International Monetary Fund: Reform without Reconstruction? Oct. 1976
117. *Herbert G. Grubel Domestic Origins of the Monetary Approach to the Balance of Payments. June 1976
116. *Weir M. Brown World Afloat: National Policies Ruling the Waves. May 1976
115. *Edward M. Bernstein, et al. Reflections on Jamaica. Apr. 1976
114. *Joseph Aschheim and Y. S. Park Artificial Currency Units: The Formation of Functional Currency Areas. Apr. 1976
113. *Thomas D. Willett The Oil-Transfer Problem and International Economic Stability. Dec. 1975
112. *Wilfred Ethier and Arthur I. Bloomfield Managing the Managed Float. Oct. 1975
111. *Gerald A. Pollack Are the Oil-Payments Deficits Manageable? June 1975
110. *Constantine Michalopoulos Financing Needs of Developing Countries: Proposals for International Action. June 1975
109. *Raymond F. Mikesell and Henry N. Goldstein Rules for a Floating-Rate Regime. Apr. 1975
108. *Carlos F. Diaz-Alejandro Less Developed Countries and the Post-1971 International Financial System. Apr. 1975
107. *J. Marcus Fleming Reflections on the International Monetary Reform. Dec. 1974
106. *Ronald I. McKinnon A New Tripartite Monetary Agreement of a Limping Dollar Standard? Oct. 1974
105. *F. Boyer de la Giroday Myths and Reality in the Development of International Monetary Affairs. June 1974
104. *Helmut W. Mayer The Anatomy of Official Exchange-Rate Intervention Systems. May 1974
103. *John H. Makin Capital Flows and Exchange-Rate Flexibility in the Post-Bretton Woods Era. Feb. 1974
102. *Constantine Michalopoulos Payments Arrangements for Less Developed Countries: The Role of Foreign Assistance. Nov. 1973
101. *Robert Z. Aliber National Preferences and the Scope for International Monetary Reform. Nov. 1973
100. *Y. S. Park The Link between Special Drawing Rights and Development Finance. Sep. 1973
99. *Fred Hirsch An SDR Standard: Impetus, Elements and Impediments. June 1973
98. *C. Ingram The Case for European Monetary Integration. Apr. 1973
97. *Robert M. Dunn, Jr. Exchange-Rate Rigidity, Investment Distortions, and the Failure of Bretton Woods. Feb. 1973
96. *Michael V. Posner The World Monetary System: A Minimal Reform Program. Oct. 1972
95. *Tom de Vries An Agenda for Monetary Reform. Sep. 1972
94. *Alexandre Kafka The IMF: The Second Coming? July 1972
93. *W. M. Corden Monetary Integration. Apr. 1972
92. *Samuel I. Katz The Case for the Par-Value System, 1972. Mar. 1972
91. *Fritz Machlup The Book Value of Monetary Gold. Dec. 1971
90. *John Williamson The Choice of a Pivot for Parities. Nov. 1971
89. *Franco Modigliano and Hossein Askari The Reform of the International Payments System. Sep. 1971
88. *Giovanni Magnifico European Monetary Unification for Balanced Growth: A New Approach. Aug. 1971
87. *Rinaldo Ossola Towards New Monetary Relationships. July 1971
86. *Richard N. Cooper Currency Devaluation in Developing Countries. June 1971
85. *Robert A. Mundell The Dollar and the Policy Mix: 1971. May 1971
84. *Ronald I. McKinnon Monetary Theory and Controlled Flexibility in the Foreign Exchanges. Apr. 1971
83. *George N. Halm The International Monetary Fund and Flexibility of Exchange Rates. Mar. 1971
82. *Norman S. Fieleke The Welfare Effects of Controls over Capital Exports from the United States. Jan. 1971
81. *A. F. Wynne Plumptre Exchange-Rate Policy: Experience with Canada’s Floating Rate. June 1970
80. *Stephen Marris The Bürgenstock Communiqué: A Critical Examination of the Case for Limited Flexibility of Exchange Rates. May 1970
79. *Helmut W. Mayer Some Theoretical Problems Relating to the Euro-Dollar Market. Feb. 1970
78. *Thomas D. Willett Samuel I. Katz, and William H. Branson, Exchange-Rate Systems, Interest Rates, and Capital Flows. Jan. 1970
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1950s       Studies

77. *Benjamin J. Cohen The Reform of Sterling. Dec. 1969
76. *Albert O. Hirschman How to Divest in Latin America, and Why. Nov. 1969
75. *Jack L. Davies Gold: A Forward Strategy. May 1969
74. *Ronald I. McKinnon Private and Official International Money: The Case for the Dollar. Apr. 1969
73. *George N. Halm Toward Limited Exchange-Rate Flexibility. Mar. 1969
72. * Anthony Lanyi The Case for Floating Exchange Rates Reconsidered. Feb. 1969
71. *Henry G. Aubrey Behind the Veil of International Money. Jan. 1969
70. *Milton Gilbert The Gold-Dollar System: Conditions of Equilibrium and the Price of Gold. Oct. 1968
69. *Albert O. Hirschman and Richard M. Bird Foreign Aid–A Critique and a Proposal. July 1968
68. *George N. Halm International Financial Intermediation: Deficits Benign and Malignant. June 1968
67. *J. Marcus Fleming Guidelines for Balance-of-Payments Adjustment under the Par-Value System. May 1968
66. *Eugene A. Birnbaum Gold and the International Monetary System: An Orderly Reform. Apr. 1968
65. *Fred H. Klopstock The Euro-Dollar Market: Some Unresolved Issues. Mar. 1968
64. *Alexander K. Swoboda The Euro-Dollar Market: An Interpretation. Feb. 1968
63. *Eugene A. Birnbaum Changing the United States Commitment to Gold. Nov. 1967
62. *Delbert A. Snider Optimum Adjustment Processes and Currency Areas. Oct. 1967
61. *Charles P. Kindleberger The Politics of International Money and World Language. Aug. 1967
60. *Miroslav A. Kriz Gold: Barbarous Relic or Useful Instrument? June 1967
59. *N. T. Wang New Proposals for the International Finance of Development. Apr. 1967
58. *J. Marcus Fleming Toward Assessing the Need for International Reserves. Feb. 1967
57. *Gunther Ruff A Dollar-Reserve System as a Transitional Solution. Jan. 1967
56. *John Parke Young United States Gold Policy: The Case for Change. Oct. 1966
55. *Robert Triffin The Balance of Payments and the Foreign Investment Position of the United States. Sep. 1966
54. *Robert V. Roosa and Fred Hirsch Reserves, Reserve Currencies, and Vehicle Currencies: An Argument. May 1966
53. *Milton Gilbert Problems of the International Monetary System. Apr. 1966
52. *Raymond F. Mikesell Public Foreign Capital for Private Enterprise in Developing Countries. Apr. 1966
51. *Pieter Lieftinck External Debt and Debt-Bearing Capacity of Developing Countries. Mar. 1966
50. *John H. Williamson The Crawling Peg. Dec. 1965
49. *Tibor Scitovsky Requirements of an International Reserve System. Nov. 1965
48. * Sidney Weintraub The Foreign-Exchange Gap of the Developing Countries. Sep. 1965
47. *Jacques Rueff and Fred Hirsch The Role and the Rule of Gold: An Argument. June 1965
46. *Charles P. Kindleberger Balance- of-Payments Deficits and the International Market for Liquidity. May 1965
45. *Jacob Viner Problems of Monetary Control. May 1964
44. *Harry G. Johnson Alternative Guiding Principles for the Use of Monetary Policy. Nov. 1963
43. *Marius W. Holtrop Monetary Policy in an Open Economy: Its Objectives, Instruments, Limitations, and Dilemmas. Sep. 1963
42. *Sir Dennis Robertson A Memorandum Submitted to the Canadian Royal Commission on Banking and Finance. May 1963
41. *Friedrich A. Lutz The Problem of International Liquidity and the Multiple- Currency Standard. Mar. 1963
40. *Jerome L. Stein The Nature and Efficiency of the Foreign Exchange Market. Oct. 1962
39. *Peter Lieftinck Recent Trends in International Monetary Policies. Sep. 1962
38. *Boris C. Swerling Current Issues in Commodity Policy. June 1962
37. *Samuel I. Katz Sterling, Speculation and European Convertibility: 1955-1958. Oct. 1961
36. *Brian Tew The International Monetary Fund: Its Present Role and Future Prospects. Mar. 1961
35. *Sir Donald MacDougall The Dollar Problem: A Reappraisal. Nov. 1960
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1940s       Studies

34. *Miroslav A. Kriz Gold in World Monetary Affairs Today. June 1959
33. *Alec Cairncross The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Mar. 1959
32. *Francis H. Schott The Evolution of Latin American Exchange-Rate Policies since World War II. Jan. 1959
31. *Randall Hinshaw Toward European Convertibility. Nov. 1958
30. *Sir Roy Harrod The Pound Sterling, 1951-1958. Aug. 1958
29. *Raymond Vernon Trade Policy in Crisis. Mar. 1958
28. *Fred H. Klopstock The International Status of the Dollar. May 1957
27. *A. R. Conan The Changing Pattern of International Investment in Selected Sterling Countries. Dec. 1956
26. *Samuel I. Katz Two Approaches to the Exchange-Rate Problem: The United Kingdom and Canada. Aug. 1956
25. *James E. Meade The Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union, 1921-1939: Lessons from an Early Experiment. Mar. 1956
24. *Thomas C. Schelling International Cost-Sharing Arrangements. Sep. 1955
23. *Wytze Gorter United States Merchant Marine Policies: Some International Implications. June 1955
22. *Roger Auboin The Bank for International Settlements, 1930-1955. May 1955
21. *Raymond Vernon America’s Foreign Trade Policy and the GATT. Oct. 1954
20. *Ida Greaves The Colonial Sterling Balances. Sep. 1954
19. *D. Gale Johnson Agricultural Price Policy and International
June 1954
18. *Raymond F. Mikesell The Emerging Pattern of International Payments. Apr. 1954
17. *Sir Douglas Copland Problems of the Sterling Area: With Special Reference to Australia. Sep. 1953
16. *William Diebold, Jr. The End of the ITO Oct. 1952
15. *Miroslav A. Kriz The Price of Gold. July 1952
14. *S. Herbert Frankel Some Conceptual Aspects of International Economic Development of Underdeveloped Territories. May 1952
13. *Sir Roy Harrod The Pound Sterling. Feb. 1952
12. *Sir Arthur Salter Foreign Investment. Feb. 1951
11. *Horst Mendershausen Dollar Shortage and Oil Surplus in 1949-1950. Nov. 1950
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10. *Frank D. Graham The Cause and Cure of Dollar Shortage. Jan. 1949
9. *Friedrich A. Lutz The Marshall Plan and European Economic Policy. Spr. 1948
8. *Miroslav A. Kriz Postwar International Lending. Spr. 1947
7. *Frank A. Southard, Jr. Some European Currency and Exchange Experiences: 1943-1946. Sum. 1946
6. *Arthur I. Bloomfield The British Balance-of-Payments Problem. Aut. 1945
5. *Howard S. Ellis Bilateralism and the Future of International Trade. Sum. 1945
4. *Ragnar Nurkse Conditions of International Monetary Equilibrium. Spr. 1945
3. *Richard A. Lester International Aspects of Wartime Monetary Experience. Aug. 1944
2. *Frank D. Graham Fundamentals of International Monetary Policy. Aut. 1943
1. *Friedrich A. Lutz International Monetary Mechanisms: The Keynes and White Proposals. July 1943
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89. Lucio Sarno and Mark P. Taylor The
Microstructure of the Foreign-Exchange Market: A Selective Survey of the
May 2001
88. Ramkishen S. Rajan (Ir)relevance
of Currency-Crisis Theory to the Devaluation and Collapse of the Thai Baht
Feb. 2001
87. Peter Hooper, Karen Johnson, and Jaime Marquez Trade
Elasticities for the G-7 Countries
Aug. 2000
86. Alessandro Prati and Garry J. Schinasi Financial
Stability in European Economic and Monetary Union
Aug. 1999
85. Holger C. Wolf Transition
Strategies: Choices and Outcomes
June 1999
84. Willem H. Buiter, Giancarlo M. Corsetti, and
Paolo A. Pesenti
the ERM Crisis: Country-Specific and Systemic Issues.
Mar. 1998
83. Michael Bowe and James W. Dean Has
the Market Solved the Sovereign-Debt Crisis?
Aug. 1997
82. Pierre-Richard Agénor Capital-Market
Imperfections and the Macroeconomic Dynamics of Small Indebted Economies
June 1997
81. Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti and Assaf Razin Current-Account
Oct. 1996
80. Chander Kant Foreign
Direct Investment and Capital Flight.
April 1996
79. Angus S. Deaton and Ronald I. Miller International
Commodity Prices, Macroeconomic Performance, and Politics in Sub-Saharan
Dec. 1995
78. Thorvaldur Gylfason The
Macroeconomics of European Agriculture.
May 1995
77. Edward E. Leamer The
Heckscher-Ohlin Model in Theory and Practice.
Feb. 1995
76. Tamim Bayoumi and Barry Eichengreen One
Money or Many? Analyzing the Prospects for Monetary Unification in Various
Parts of the World.
Sep. 1994
75. Adam Klug The
German Buybacks, 1932-1939: A Cure for Overhang?
Nov. 1993
74. Barry Eichengreen Should
the Maastricht Treaty Be Saved?
Dec. 1992
73. Ishac Diwan and Dani Rodrik External
Debt, Adjustment, and Burden Sharing: A Unified Framework.
Nov. 1992
72. George M. von Furstenberg and Joseph P. Daniels Economic
Summit Declarations, 1975-1989: Examining the Written Record of International
Feb. 1992
71. Daniel Gros and Alfred Steinherr Economic
Reform in the Soviet Union: Pas de Deux between Disintegration and Macroeconomic
Nov. 1991
70. Kaushik Basu The
International Debt Problem, Credit Rationing and Loan Pushing: Theory and
Oct. 1991
69. Felipe Larraín and Andrés Velasco Can
Swaps Solve the Debt Crisis? Lessons from the Chilean Experience.
Nov. 1990
68. Mark Gersovitz and Christina H. Paxson The Economies of Africa and the Prices of
Their Exports.
Oct. 1990
   Top of Studies
1970s      Essays

67. Victor Argy, Warwick McKibbin and Eric Siegloff Exchange-Rate Regimes for a Small Economy
in a Multi-Country World.
Dec. 1989
66. Helmut Reisen Public Debt, External Competitiveness, and
Fiscal Discipline in Developing Countries.
Nov. 1989
65. Peter Hooper and Catherine L. Mann The Emergence and Persistence of the U.S.
External Imbalance, 1980-87.
Oct. 1989
64. Jeffrey A. Frankel Obstacles to International Macroeconomic
Policy Coordination.
Dec. 1988
63. Jacob A. Frenkel and Assaf Razin Spending,Taxes, and Deficits: International-Intertemporal
Dec. 1988
62. Steven B. Kamin Devaluation, External Balance, and Macroeconomic
Performance: A Look at the Numbers.
Aug. 1988
61. Stephen A. Schuker American “Reparations” to Germany, 1919-33:
Implications for the Third-World Debt Crisis.
July 1988
60. Thorvaldur Gylfason Credit Policy and Economic Activity in Developing
Countries with IMF Stabilization Programs.
Aug. 1987
59. Vincent P. Crawford International Lending, Long-Term Credit Relationships,
and Dynamic Contract Theory.
Mar. 1987
58. John T. Cuddington Capital Flight: Estimates, Issues, and Explanations. Dec. 1986
57. Stephen S. Golub The Current-Account Balance and the Dollar:
1977-78 and 1983-84.
Oct. 1986
56. Paul De Grauwe, Marc Janssens, and Hilde Leliaert Real-Exchange-Rate Variability from 1920
to 1926 and 1973 to 1982.
Sep. 1985
55. Marsha R. Shelburn Rules for Regulating Intervention under a
Managed Float.
Dec. 1984
54. *Jeffrey Sachs Theoretical Issues in International Borrowing. July 1984
53. Avraham Ben-Bassat Reserve-Currency Diversification and the
Substitution Account.
Mar. 1984
52. Irving B. Kravis and Robert E. Lipsey Toward an Explanation of National Price Levels. Nov. 1983
51. Paul Wonnacott U.S. Intervention in the Exchange Market
for DM, 1977-80.
Dec. 1982
50. Victor Argy Exchange-Rate Management in Theory and Practice. Oct. 1982
49. Peter Bernholz Flexible Exchange Rates in Historical Perspective. July 1982
48. *Barry J. Eichengreen Sterling and the Tariff, 1929-32. Sep. 1981
47. *Jonathan Eaton and Mark Gersovitz Poor-Country Borrowing in Private Financial
Markets and the Repudiation Issue.
June 1981
46. *Susan Howson Sterling’s Managed Float: The Operations
of the Exchange Equalisation Account, 1932-39.
Nov. 1980
   Top of Studies
1960s      Essays

45. *Ian M. Drummond London, Washington, and the Management of
the Franc, 1936-1939.
Nov. 1979
44. *Clas Wihlborg Currency Risks in International Finance Markets. Dec. 1978
43. *Mordechai E. Kreinin and Lawrence H. Officer The Monetary Approach to the Balance of Payments:
A Survey.
Nov. 1978
42. *Peter Isard Exchange-Rate Determination: A Survey of
Popular Views and Recent Models.
May 1978
41. *Stephen V.O. Clarke Exchange-Rate Stabilization in the Mid-1930s:
Negotiating the Tripartite Agreement.
Sep. 1977
40. *Anne O. Krueger Growth, Distortion, and Patterns of Trade
among Many Countries.
Feb. 1977
39. *Peter B. Kenen Capital Mobility and Financial Integration:
A Survey.
Dec. 1976
38. *Polly Reynolds Allen Organization and Administration of a Monetary
June 1976
37. *Margaret L. Greene Waiting Time: A Factor in Export Demand for
April 1975
36. *Charles P. Kindleberger The Formation of Financial Centers: A Study
in Comparative Economic History.
Nov. 1974
35. *F. Steb Hipple The Disturbances Approach to the Demand for International Reserves May 1974
34. *Richard C. Marston American Monetary Policy and the Structure
of the Eurodollar Market.
Mar. 1974
33. *Stephen V.O. Clarke The Reconstruction of the International Monetary
System: The Attempts of 1922 and 1933.
Nov. 1973
32. *Stanley W. Black International Money Markets and Flexible
Exchange Rates.
Mar. 1973
31. *The German Council of Economic Experts Toward a New Basis for International Monetary
Oct. 1972
30. *Thomas L. Hutcheson and Richard C. Porter The Cost of Tying Aid: A Method and Some
Colombian Estimates.
Mar. 1972
29. *Robert W. Oliver Early Plans for a World Bank. Sep. 1971
28. *Arnold Collery International Adjustment, Open Economies,
and the Quantity Theory of Money.
June 1971
27. *M. June Flanders The Demand for International Reserves. April 1971
26. *Klaus Friedrich A Quantitative Framework for the Euro-Dollar
Oct. 1970
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(discontinued 2001)
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